Koyomi Araragi
CV : Hiroshi Kamiya

A second year student at Naoetsu High School.
He's an anti-social guy who believes that "making friends will only result in
the decrease of human strength."
Because of this, Koyomi spends most of his school days as a loner.
Following his encounter with Kiss-shot during his spring break,
he becomes involved with "apparitions."

Kiss-shot Acerola-orionHeart-under-blade
CV : Maaya Sakamoto

A vampire with horrifying powers, also known as "The King of Apparitions."
She meets Koyomi as she is suffering from a fatal wound.

Tsubasa Hanekawa
CV : Yui Horie

A second year student who also attends Naoetsu High School.
She wears glasses and ties her hair back in braids, presenting a perfect image of
the ideal honors student.
She tells Koyomi that she wishes to meet a vampire.

Meme Oshino
CV : Takahiro Sakurai

An apparition expert.
He acts as the bridge between the humans and the apparitions.


A vampire hunter who is after Kiss-shot.
He wears a white school uniform and his eyes give
the impression that he is always glaring.


A vampire hunter who is after Kiss-shot.
A very muscular man who is over 6 feet tall.


A vampire hunter who is after Kiss-shot.
He has very spiky hair that might remind one of a hedgehog.